:: Mission
1. Provide superior and consistent service to all stakeholders
2. Meet the diverse administrative requirements of students, parents and the staff.
3. Evolve to continually improve the services by inculcatting proven code of conduct and ethical practices.

SL.NO Name Designation Department
1 Mr.Ravikumar T Public Relation Office Office
2 Mrs. Padmavathi , M.Com, PGDSD PA -Principal Office
3 Mr. Srinivasagowda M P Office Superintendent Office
4 Mr. Mallikarjun M B Finance Officer Exam
5 Mr. Ananth N S Accountant Establishment
6 Mr. Shivaraj N Accounts Assistant Accounts
7 Mr. Balasubramanya T Accountant Accounts
8 Mr. Nakul M N Accountant Accounts
9 Mrs. Jayamala Accounts Assistant A N Admission
10 Mr. Manjunath H K FDA Accounts
1 Mr.Shivaram K G
2 Mr. Rajappa
3 Mr. Girish
4 Mr. Lokesh D
5 Mr. Eshwar
6 Mr. Mariah
7 Mr. Guruswamy
8 Mr. Girish M R
1 Mr.Bommaiah
2 Mr. Ranjeethkumar
3 Mr. Mahesh
4 Mrs. Maniyamma
5 Mrs. Devamma
6 Mrs. Sarasamma
7 Mrs. Lakshmamma
8 Mrs. Lakshmamma Mahesh
9 Mrs. Roopadevi
10 Mr. Nagesh