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Electronics is the revolution we use a numerous products in our daily life they all are developed by electronics engineers. It all involves how we use flow of current, gases semiconductors, or other conducting and non conducting materials. Now Electronics in itself is a vas field but generally it is combined with telecommunications. Telephony is a sunshine sector as telephone provides connectivity and connectivity is heart of everything .Various telecommunication technologies have been developed like radio waves, microwaves,

wireless technology etc. The biggest example we can see in our day to day life is the Internet which is now available in very household.

:: Vision
“To be recognized bythe society at large as offering value based quality education to groom the next generation entrepreneurs, leaders and researchers in the field of electronics and communication to meet the challenges at global level”.
:: Mission
1. To groom the students with strong foundations of electronics and communication engineering and to facilitate them to pursue higher education and research.
2. To educate and prepare the students to be competent to face the challenges of the industry/society and/or to become successful entrepreneurs.
3. Provide ethical and value based education by promoting activities addressing the societal needs.
4. Enable students to develop skills to solve complex technological problems of current times and also provide a framework for promoting collaborative and multidisciplinary activities.

Electronic engineers have a high responsibility and respectable job. Their basic job is to construct or invent new design and technologies or to re fabricate an old technology. Wide variety of departments are there for an electronics engineer like they can even also work in automobile engineer, And communication industry is always hot for them, and mainly they are in to Research and Development, Production, Servicing, and Telecommunication Engineers Details are Below Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was started in the year 2007 with an intake of 60 seats and were enhanced to 120 seats in the year 2009. The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering has specialized laboratories with a view to strengthen research & development, Equipped with state of the art Equipments & Instruments for experimentation in different subjects. These assist the students in exhaustive study & help them in learning various concepts through practical experience
Strength of the Department
The Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering under the guidance of Dr Mahesh Rao, Head of the Department and the consistent efforts of its well Qualified and dedicated faculty members is striving to keep face with rapidly evolving technology by providing quality education both in terms of Theory and Laboratories exercise.

Dr. Murali S

Dr Mahesh Rao



Teaching Faculty

Sl Faculty Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr.S.Murali Ph.D Mentor
2 Dr. Mahesh Rao Ph.D Professor & HoD
3 Santhy Ajish M.Tech Assistant Professor
4 M.G.Srinivasa M.Tech Assistant Professor
5 Ravikumar.H M.Tech Assistant Professor
6 Veena.S.K M.Tech Assistant Professor
7 Lavanya.M M.Tech Assistant Professor
8 Thirtha Prasad.B M.Tech Assistant Professor
9 Lethan.M.N M.Tech Assistant Professor
10 Guruprasad.L M.Tech Assistant Professor
11 Suma.R M.Tech Assistant Professor
12 Mahadesh.K.M M.Tech Assistant Professor
13 N.Rajesh M.Tech Assistant Professor
14 Maria Pavithra M.Tech Assistant Professor
15 Manasa.M.G M.Tech Assistant Professor
16 Dinesh.M.A M.Tech Assistant Professor
18 Nihal Mohammadi M.Tech Assistant Professor
19 Devendran.B M.Tech Assistant Professor
20 Niveditha.H.R M.Tech Assistant Professor
21 Sandesh.N.G M.Tech Assistant Professor
22 Sheshagiri Jois M.Tech Assistant Professor
23 Shwetha.D M.Tech Assistant Professor
24 Rakshith.K M.Tech (Ph.D) Research Scholar
25 Balakrishna.K M.Tech (Ph.D) Research Scholar
31 Anitha.R M.Tech, (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
34 B.Sowmyashree M.Tech, (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
33 Kavyashree.M.K M.Tech Assistant Professor
32 Anisha.P.S M.Tech Assistant Professor
35 Lavanya.Y.S M.Tech Assistant Professor


Non Teaching Faculty

1 Chethan Kumar P.U.C Lab Assistant
2 Basanth Kumar B.E.(M.Tech) Instructor
3 Prashanth.N B.E Formenn
4 Shruthi.E   Office Clerk
5 Sowmya.S M.Tech Lab instructor