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In order to prepare the mechanical engineers of the future to take their places in this profession and to be fully consistent with the published College Mission Statements, the UD Department of Mechanical Engineering has developed an undergraduate program that is both intellectually challenging and broad in scope.

The objective of the undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Program at the MIT of technology is to produce graduates with a strong foundation in engineering fundamentals enabling them to:

  • lead a successful career in industry or government and/or obtain an advanced degree, and
  • Contribute to engineering knowledge, the profession and the community.

Details are below :
Department of Mechanical engineering was established in the year 2007 with an intake of 60. Department has well qualified and experienced teaching faculty and technical staff with state of the art laboratories to meet the quality education required for present challenging societal and industrial needs. Department is involved in research activities in the areas of condition monitoring, FEM analysis, Fatigue analysis of Hybrid Composite, Automatic inspection using machine vision system. Department is actively involved in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities with associations and professional bodies

:: Vision
“Excellence in education producing eminent Mechanical Engineers competitive/ contributing and sustainable in the global Socio-Technological front”.
:: Mission
1. To enrich teaching-learning experience by cultivating eminent practices and providing ever-improving infrastructure
2. To enhance comprehensive academic performance through consistent guidance, motivation and mentoring
3. To inspire creativity and team-man ship among the scholars making them sustainable and contributing in the present global scenario
4. To instill skills, ethical values and leadership qualities through thoughtful endeavors
Strength of the Department
Department has well qualified and experienced staff with an average teaching experience of about 10 years. There are Professors with Doctoral degree and Post Graduate Degree's, Asst. professors, senior lecturer and Lecturers. Some of the faculty members have registered for Ph. D. in the areas of condition monitoring, FEM analysis, Fatigue analysis of Hybrid Composite, Automatic inspection using machine vision system there are well qualified technical staff members who maintain the various Laboratories and are responsible for smooth conduction and maintenance of laboratories.

Dr. Y.T Krishne Gowda

Dr. Mohammed Khaiser

Dr. Y T Krishne Gowda ME(IISc), Ph.D(IITM)
Mentor &Professor in Mechanical Engineering MIT, MYSORE
Honganasu, 2423/1, 6th Cross,
Gandhi Nagar, Mandya. Karnataka.
Ph: +91 9620228002
E-mail: ytk_gowda@yahoo.com

Dr Krishne Gowda has worked as Professor in Mechanical Engineering, PES College of Engineering, Mandya. He is in teaching profession since 30 years. He obtained his PhD in 1996 from Indian Institute of Madras, Chennai, obtained M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering(Thermal Engineering) from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and B.E in Mechanical Engineering from University of Mysore. He worked as Director of All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) New Delhi, Bombay and Bhopal for five Years. He has published nearly 25 papers in Journals and International conferences. He is member of various academic organizations like ISTE, NSFMFP and fellow of Indian Society of Mechanical Engineering. He has been awarded with Dr. Deshpande Memorial award during 1995 at Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power International Conference Held at IIT Madras. He supervising Ph.D students in Mechanical and Management Departments.


Teaching Faculty.

Sl Name Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Y.T.Krishnegowda M.Tech, PhD, MISTE Professor and Mentor
2 Dr. Mohamed Khaiser M.Tech, PhD, MISTE Professor and HoD
3 B. Harish M.Tech, (PhD), MISTE Associate Professor
4 Vijay Raghu B M.Tech, (PhD), MISTE Associate Professor and PG Co-ordinator
5 Chethan Y. D M.Tech,(PhD), MISTE Associate Professor
6 Ravikumar K.S M.Tech, (PhD), MISTE Associate Professor
7 Godfrey Devaputra M.Tech, MISTE Associate Professor
8 G.C.Ramesh M.Tech, (PhD), MISTE Associate Professor
9 Yogesh Kumar K J M.Tech, (PhD), MISTE Assistant Professor
10 Abhilash M M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
11 Raghu S M.Tech, (PhD), MISTE Assistant Professor
12 Santhosh K G M.Tech, (PhD), MISTE Assistant Professor
13 Puneeth Kumar S B M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
14 Chethana G D M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
15 Panduranga B P M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
16 Kishan G S M.Tech,(PhD), MISTE Assistant Professor
17 Adanna I Waturuocha M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
18 Ramanandan H S M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
19 Rakesh .R M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
20 Mallikarjuna M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
21 Purushotham S M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
22 Krishna Prasad M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
23 Anil Kumar .M.M M.Tech, (PhD), MISTE Assistant Professor
24 Pratheek Poovaiah K M.Tech, MISTE Assistant Professor
25 Sathish H M.Tech,MISTE Assistant Professor