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What a student gets at MIT Mechanical?

MIT mechanical has been at the forefront of creatively inculcating the best practices in terms of planning and executing the activities that emanate professionalism in students. Listening, understanding, planning and executing are the four qualities that makes a good engineer and the department strives to instill these qualities by way of shrewd conduct and stringent schedule of the academics and timely recreation in the form of extracurricular activities that propel exhibition on ones personality. Students get drilled within the scope of the academics via upholding the dignity and entertaining unrestricted participation of the student community and nurturing balanced and unbiased working spectrum in the realm of the department.
The department takes pride in being a part of this transformation process of a student day in and day out. To add more value to the end product of the department, students are given tools beyond the prescription of the syllabus such as software training, training on Automobile, hydraulics and pneumatics, CNC programming, Mechatronics and as well personality development.
The extra little effort has yielded big results for the department in the past but innovating new and more effective practices, adapting to newer generation of both technology and students, as well upgrading the department is a challenge that has been accepted by all involved in this transformation.

Strength of the Department
The prominence of learning is well understood by the faculty and hence much importance is given to learning that needs to take place via each experiences of professional life thus the minds of faculty is always on a look out for bettering his understanding of the content as well bettering ones contribution in the transformation process of the student as well the sustenance of the department. The propagation of this attitude in a humble manner has instilled ‘questioning’ in to the working practices of the students and hence making them better learners.
The mentor, Dr. Y T Krishnegowda and the HoD, Dr. Mohamed Khaisar are leading from the front in initiating ‘The New’ in to the system and therefore the department has created facilities such as various Centers of Excellence that provides ‘Hands-on’ training to the students and equips them in experimenting as well the departmental association library in addition to the central college library that ‘Provides More’ in the form of learning materials.
Having a facility in one aspect but constructive utilization of the same is another aspect which determines the purpose of the facility. Opportunities, when once provided to the students in terms of time schedule, they have been able to use these courses and facilities in enriching themselves in knowledge, understanding and exploring various domains.

Dr. Y.T Krishne Gowda

Dr. Mohammed Khaiser

Dr. Y T Krishne Gowda ME(IISc), Ph.D(IITM)
Mentor &Professor in Mechanical Engineering MIT, MYSORE

Dr Krishne Gowda has worked as Professor in Mechanical Engineering, PES College of Engineering, Mandya. He is in teaching profession since 30 years. He obtained his PhD in 1996 from Indian Institute of Madras, Chennai, obtained M.Tech in Mechanical Engineering(Thermal Engineering) from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and B.E in Mechanical Engineering from University of Mysore. He worked as Director of All Indian Council for Technical Education (AICTE) New Delhi, Bombay and Bhopal for five Years. He has published nearly 25 papers in Journals and International conferences. He is member of various academic organizations like ISTE, NSFMFP and fellow of Indian Society of Mechanical Engineering. He has been awarded with Dr. Deshpande Memorial award during 1995 at Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power International Conference Held at IIT Madras. He supervising Ph.D students in Mechanical and Management Departments.

Laboratories are the essence of research and the department has well established State of the art laboratories like Energy Conversion Engineering Lab Heat and Mass Transfer Lab, Fluid Mechanics and Machines Lab, Design Lab, Metallography and Material Testing Lab, Mechanical Measurements and Metrology lab, Automation Lab, Machine Shop, Computer Aided Machine Drawing, CAM and Analysis, so on. These laboratories function not only from academic perspective but also in newer experimentation as part of research activities of various scholars.
In addition, Center of Excellence in Mechatronics Training and Engineering Research (CEMTER) is multi disciplinary laboratory set up with the objective of collaborating the associated braches of engineering. A newly inducted ISHRAE Chapter in the department creates platform for students to interact with leading people from refrigeration and air conditioning.