Dr. Vijaylakshmi Dayal
Professor. & HOD
Email-Id: hodphysics@mitmysore.in

Department of Physics exists since the inception of Institute in 2007. The department has been offering undergraduate Physics courses to students of BE from 2007 onwards. The department has highly active and vibrant faculty members committed to impart high quality standards in pure and applied areas of physics and also trains students, so that they become competent and motivated physicists.

:: Vision
“The key objective of the department is to impart the students with an attitude and a capacity to deal with the principles and methods of analysis of contemporary physics to unravel emerging problems in technical education and research”.
:: Mission
1. Formulating a comprehensive learning environment to enhance the strengths of students making them competent globally.
2. To provide strong foundation in physics education and equipping students for higher studies.
3. To pursue creative research and development of new technologies in the field of condense matter physics in order to serve the needs of the industry.
4. To create such infrastructure in the department for meeting above missions.
5. To inculcate value based, socially committed professionalism to the cause of holistic development of students and society.
Strength of the Department
Faculties of the department are well qualified and also have excellent experience in the field of teaching. The department has state-of-the-art laboratories and computational facilities to offer good practical training as per the academic requirements of VTU.. Department is involved in the research area of condensed matter physics and nuclear physics.

Research activities:
The faculties in the department are energetically involved in Research and Development. The areas of research are condensed matter physics (Experimental), Nanostructured Materials, Nuclear Physics etc.
Dr. Vijaylakshmi Dayal is currently guiding 4 students for Ph.D. No of Ph. D awarded: one.

List of Projects implemented

Title Grant Period Cost (Rs. In lakhs) Funding Agency Principal Investigator
Investigation of ferroelectric, ferromagnetic and magnetoelectric properties in some novel multiferroicPerovskites-oxide”.
Young Scientist Research Award (YSRA)
Sctn. No: 2011/20/37P/01/BRNS/0075
Dated: 13.04.2011
BRNS Dr. Vijaylakshmi Dayal
Magnetic And Transport Studies In Ferromagnetic Metallic/Insulating Manganite Nanocomposite,
Collaborative Research Scheme (CRS)
CRS APPROVAL NO.: CSR-IC/CRS-89/2014-2015/596 dt: 18.09.2014
10 Lakhs UGC-DAE-CSR Indore Centre Dr. Vijaylakshmi Dayal
Studying of strain mediated electrical control over magnetism inferro-magnetic/ferroelectric hetrostructure (2017-2020)
35 Lakhs DST, SERB,   New Delhi. Dr. Vijaylakshmi Dayal


  1. Ames Laboratory Associate, US Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Iowa State University, USA (also, XRD & SEM)
  2. Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, United.
  3. UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research, Indore, Kolkata and Mumbai Centre.
  4. Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, West Bengal.
  5. Department of Physics, Pondicherry University, Pondicherry.

Research Facilities and Infrastructure
Material preparation facilities using solid state route and Chemical wet method:(At work Place, Maharaja Institute of Technology-Mysore)
• High Temperature Furnace (upto 1600 Deg C) (Naskar & Company).
• Two Zone : High Temperature Furnace (upto 1200 Deg C)~ Under Process.
• Hydraulic Press (10 Tone): Technosearch Instruments.
• Analytical Balance (sensitivity: 0.1 mg): Denver.
• Hot Plate With Magnetic stirrer.
• Microwave Influx.
• Dry Box.
• Low temperature Resistivity Set up to be established Shortly.

Along with Institute have world class infrastructure and so has taken initiative in setting up different laboratory for different subject. The physics laboratory is quite spacious, well equipped and provides excellent academic ambience for work. The Department also has required system and application software's to cater the needs of conduction of laboratories and projects.
Methodology of Teaching
  • A proper lesson plan is meticulously designed in advance for every subject and implemented
  • Both Modern(LCD, OHP) and Traditional method(Black Board) of teaching has been imparted against the necessity
  • A Scheduler of Events is prepared in advance and is circulated among all the faculties and students about Internals, Extra curricular activities, Training etc.
  • Extra care is taken to ensure each and every student has been given fair chance to participate in different activities like seminars, presentation etc.
  • Guest faculties and Executive trainers has been called on to the campus to train students on real time situations like Group Discussion, Interviews, Aptitude test etc.
  • A 360 degree appraisal method has been implemented successfully to ensure a smooth relationship between faculties and students.
  • Institute has taken special initiative to conduct Value Addition Course during vacation as well as during regular course of the college.
  • Regular assignments and Improvement tests are conducted for all subjects concerned as a preparatory one before the final examinations.

Initiative and Innovative practices at MIT

  • Institute sends its students and also completely sponsors to attend the seminars and conference at outside locations.
  • The Hidden talents of the students are unearthed by the institute which has been rewarded suitably.
  • Departmental quiz competition is being conducted to build general knowledge of the students (both current affairs and business).
  • Students are divided into group and they are assigned with different projects and same is evaluated at regular interval.
  • A separate class is allotted every week, in which every student need to talk on new technology and his understanding about the same.

  • Developmental Activities for Teachers and Staff
    Being understood the fact "the fulcrum of any institute are efficient faculties and staff", the institute has taken huge initiative to develop the skills of the faculty and staff by regular inhouse and outside training and also encourages its faculties and staff members through sponsored program to attend seminars and conferences at different locations either as participants or in the form of contender (Presenting Papers).

    The secret of the well established institute lies with the positive mindset of the students, which reflects in its achievements. As such, the institute periodically conducts counseling for all of its students that would effect his academic and personal growth. A feedback from either side paves way for a strong bondage and best harmony between the institute as well with the students and that would result in excel in its standards set.

    Placement Activities
    The success and endurance of an institute starts and continues with the student's career growth. Building successful career path for the students is the main aim and motto of MIT. During the regular course as well at the vacation or at the weekends institute conducts different kinds of skill building activities.

    Teaching Faculty

    Sl Name Qualification Designation
    1 Dr. Vijaylakshmi Dayal
    Research Details.
    Google Scholar link. Researchgate link.
    Ph.D HOD
    2 Lokesh N MSc Asst. Professor
    3 Selvia Jaunet MSc Asst. Professor
    3 Chandan K MSc Teaching Associate