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Feel our stately, elegant 10acre campus of classic brick work building tree lined walkway, open grassy court yard with the status of art facilities right in Mysore, Karnataka, India.

Here some of the facility..

  • Smart campus.
  • Spacious classroom.
  • Teaching - learning aids.
  • Language laboratory for language correction in both reading and writing skill for students and staff members.
  • Well equipped laboratories with all assistance.
  • Computer laboratory in network.
  • Internet facility to the staff member and students for knowledge acquisition from globally networked knowledge bases.
  • Transportation facility to the students.
  • Students are provided with hostel accommodation.
  • Encouragement for research activities to the faculty members by deputing them to obtain higher qualification.
  • Student encouragements in research activities by supporting them technically and with the laboratory.
  • Students counseling to solve day to day difficulties in their studies and other problems.
  • Orientation programmes arranged for the benefit of the students.
  • Networked office room for quick and successful disposal of work.
  • Transparency in the education system
Infrastructure Facility