To equip the students with employability and professional skills through proper trainings and best possible placement opportunities so as to be able to thrive in their career thus contributing to the society at large.


  • To provide professional skills training for the students through continuous training modules.
  • To approach top rated companies for arranging the campus recruitment and pooled drives.
  • To counsel the students to improve their career exposure.
  • Encourage the students to actively participate in social causes beyond the campus.


Board room

Guest room 1

Guest room

Interview room

Student Waiting Area

TPO Chamber

Mr. Anil Kumar M M

   Placement Coordinator

 [Department. of ME]

Mr. Bharath K K

Placement Coordinator

[Department. of MBA]

Mr. Guruprasad L

Placement Coordinator

[Department. of ECE]

Mr. Punith

Placement Coordinator

[Department. of Civil]

Mr. R. Amos

Placement Coordinator

[Department. of MCA]

Mr. Sharath H A

Placement Coordinator

[Department. of ISE]

Mr. Shivasagar

 Placement officer

Mr. Suhas

Placement Coordinator

[Department. of CSE]

Training and Placement Officer:

Name: Shiva Sagar S D

Mobile: 94808-84443 / 9880475019