H. V. ShivaKumar.
      M.P.Ed, M.Phil
Physical Education Director


Welcome to the sports department of Maharaja Institute of Technology, we are very proud to be a part of an institute which as carved a niche in various sports activities.

At MIT we firmly believe that Sports not only provides entertainment but also helps embedding students with life skills which would help them through their lives. Sports today cannot be seen just as a form of physical activity but an engagement which helps in adding value and building character in students. Infect, sports offer wide ranging benefits and should be encouraged fully in view of the following:

1.   Help to inculcate values such as dedication, discipline and responsibility in students .most sports require that the person playing it be athletic or at lest be fit. While one can keep fit by going to the Gym.Sports offers more fun in the process of keeping fit.
2.    Most sports involve exercise, which facilitates soothing of the mind, as the feel good hormones of the body called endorphins are released. These are natural stress busters which induce a relaxed feeling.
3.    Most sports have an outcome where one player wins and the other loses. Winning and losing is a part of life as its part of sports too. Sports inculcate this much needed lesson in students so that they have the ability to accept failures with grace and move on to achieve Grater things in the face of adversity.
The dedicated sports director, staff and coaches of the department strive hard to facilitate students to play all sports but also prepare them to be fit and confident to take on the world. The management of this institute has spared no efforts in providing all the encouragement to the sports person and we grate fully acknowledge their love for sports.

:: Vision
All students will be physically active and educated, having acquired motor skills to perform a variety of physical activities, physical fitness knowledge, and intrinsic motivation to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.
:: Mission
The mission of the Physical Education Program is to provide a comprehensive, progressive, and articulated physical education program through quality, research-based K-12 instruction. Our students will attain the knowledge and skills to be physically active and healthy for life in the 21st century.

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