Establishment Section

The establishment section is responsible to carry out all related tasks as per the “Service Rule Book”. All correspondences pertaining to the said tasks must follow the procedural hierarchy and such correspondences must be documented in respective files and folders.


1.1. Preparation of “Appointment Order” by the approval of the Registrar/AO/Principal.

1.2. Creating “Service Record” of the newly appointed employee.

1.3. Service record should incorporate the employee relevant documents such as resume, Appointment letter, Duty reporting letter, PAN card, Aadhar card and other credential documents.

1.4. Issue of applications to open Salary Account, PF account etc.

1.5. Personal files should be maintained for all the employees with all necessary documents.

1.6. Updating the service records and personal files in cases as below 1.6.1. Additional qualifications

1.6.2. Additional responsibilities (official assignments)

1.6.3. Promotion / transfers / relegation / etc

1.7. Issuing, filing of relieving letter as communicated by Registrar/AO/Principal.

1.8. Issuing of experience certificate to the staff as requested by the same with the approval of Registrar/AO/Principal.

1.9. Leave details as received must be maintained in separate file and the same must be accurately documented in respective category leave registers.

1.10. Late punching/early leaving permission slips must be maintained in separate file and same must be accurately documented in respective register.

1.11. Correspondences pertaining to “Group Insurance” must be documented in respective files.

1.12. Answer/Clarify all the queries raised by the employees regarding transportation, IT, PF, ESI, Loans and other establishment related issues.


2.1. Preparation of salary statement  in the prescribed format on 26th of the every month

2.2. During the salary preparation, deductions to be considered from 27th  of preceding to 26th of current month  and updated as below:

2.2.1. LWP (if any) as communicated by Registrar/AO/Principal.

2.2.2. Mobile bill of individual staff and Bus fare details (as applicable)

2.2.3. LIC/SBI Insurance bills.

2.2.4. Deduction of Provident fund, Professional Tax, TDS according to the variation in the Gross Salaries as per Government Regulations.

2.2.5. Other recovery/deductions if any.

2.3. Consolidated salary statement submitted to the Registrar/AO/Principal.

2.4. Approved monthly salary statement must be filed.

2.5. Acquitance must be signed by the respective staff members.

2.6. Acquitance maintenance for the financial year in the same format.

2.7. TDS Statements to be submitted to Auditors during auditing.

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