Industrial Visit

Department takes students for industrial visit to give them a real experience and practical exposure. Students had visited BSNL communications branch in Mysore to get firsthand experience on Wireless communication by ECE deputed faculty Prof. Manasa.

Industrial Visit

Department took students to Manasa Ganothri Campus for industrial visit to give them a real time experience on Mainframe servers at Department of Computer Science, Manasa Gangothri Campus. It was a one day event. Students were given introduction to mainframe servers of 1980’s and then given a demo of storing and retrieving data from server.

Kaynes Industrial Visit Report

On Sept 09, 2019, 5th sem and 3rd Sem MCA students along with 2 staffs (Mr. Ashwin H M and Mrs. Thejaswini M N)  visited Kaynes Technologies India Pvt Ltd. and Planet Earth Aquarium as part of their academic schedule industrial visit.

During the visit students learnt about the process of manufacturing PCB mother boards. Students learnt 8 stage process practiced in Kaynes and got inside view of the manufacturing unit.

Visit Outcome: Students were able to relate their computer mother board manufacturing process and how the manufacturing processes are automated in different stages. Students also found out the areas where automation can be performed.