9th September 2017

Prof. Ranjith K C                                                              Prof. KavyaRavishankar

Asst. Professor                                                                 Asst. Professor

Dept. of CSE                                                                    Dept. of CSE

MIT ,Mysore                                                                     MIT ,Mysore


On 9 th September 2017, the final year students of Computer Science and Engineering, Maharaja Institute of Technology visited Infosys Campus, Mysore


Mysore Infosys, one of the renowned IT Company, has built the world’s biggest corporate training facility in Mysore. Infosys Mysore Campus is the epitome of the real infrastructure art. The campus spread over 357 acres, houses a training center with a capacity of training 4000 graduates in a term along with software development blocks.

There was a permission to visit campus between 9:30 AM and 5:00 Pm. We were accompanied by Ms. Radhika, Senior Associate,R and E, Infosys. We were taken for a tour around the campus.  The SeniorAssociate gave a brief about the campus. It has

  • 6 SDB [Software Development Block]
  • 8 FC [Food Courts] · SEZ [Social economic zone]
  • 2 GEC [Global education center]
  • Amphitheatre
  • 8 Athletic ground
  • Multiplex
  • Recreation center
  • Rain water harvesting lakes
  • Accommodation for trainee
  • Guest house
  • ILI [Infosys Leadership Institution]

First, we visited SDB (Software Development Block) where new software is developed and its testing takes place. Then we visited theSEZ(special economic zone) where the tax related activities takes place. Further, we had been to GEC-1 (Global Education Center) which had 8 floors. The topmost floor had the central library .The 7th and 6th floor was a place where conferences are conducted for the trainees. The remaining floors had classes for the trainees where each trainee was provided with a system. The training period will be between 3-6 months. The trainee will be given 3 chances to clear the training related exams. The classroom which we visited had an accommodation for about 140-150 trainees. The campus had a multiplex where 7 regional language movies would be screened every weekend. The multiplex is also a place where National and International conferences will be conducted.

Furthermore, we were directed to Seminar hall around 11:30 AM. An Interaction Session with Mr. Gaurab, Senior Software Engineer was organized. Student got an exposure to the process of software development, it was advised to the students that solving any problem requires logical reasoning. students were made aware of the different domains on which current projects are being developed. Gaurab also shared his experience how he had to visit the site in Mexico to address the sales problem of one of the retailers, he also emphasized on understanding the concerns of client by examining the scenario and factors affecting it rather than only concentration on a requirement statement. Students got an insight into the approach to build software. Students posed few questions and interacted with the resource person.

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