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NSS and YRC Units are the social extension forums of MITM. These forums instill the great humanitarian spirit and values in the student community by making them participate in many kinds of social service activities. It makes the students socially responsible, caring and accountable citizens of the nation.

    Prof. Kiran Kumar L


    The vision is to build the youth power, having the mind and spirit to serve society and to work for the social upliftment of  the downtrodden masses of the nation. 


    The National Service Scheme has been functioning according to the  motto “NOT ME BUT YOU” with a view to  inspiring a youth movement designed to serve people. Hence NSS aims at “Education through community service” and vice versa.

    (a) Environment Enrichment Programmes

    1. Plantation of trees, their preservation and upkeep (each NSS Unit should plant

    and protect at least 100 saplings in and around the campus and in the adopted


    1.  Creation of NSS parks/gardens, Vegetable gardens and Medicinal gardens.
    2.  Anti-plastic campaigns – eco friendly Bag making unit.
    3.  Vegetable/Medicinal/ Ornamental Garden
    4.  Chlorination of village ponds and wells.
    5.  Vermi-compost project in each unit. Popularization and construction of Gobar

    Gas Plants-use of non-conventional energy.

    1.  Waste Management Programme – Land, Air & Water Pollution
    2.  Rainwater harvesting.


    (b) Greening of the surrounding

    Documentation of Saplings planted in and outside the campus.


    (c) Health Awareness Programmes:

    1.  Anti – Drug Campaign.
    2.  First – Aid Training Programme
    3.  Paliative care Units
    4.  Blood – Donation campaign
    5.  AIDS Awareness Programme.
    6.  Healthy Food Habits.
    7.  Healthy Life Style.
    8.  Medical camps

     d) Educational Programmes

    1.  Legal Literacy programme
    2.  Computer Literacy programme c) Consumer Awareness Programme
    3.  Human Rights Awareness Programme
    4.  Career Guidance Programme
    5.  Traffic Awareness Programme.
    6.  Value Education Programme
    7.  Communicative Skill
    8.  Personality Development & Leadership Classes.
    9.  Stress /Disaster Management Programme.
    10.  Effective Parenting.
    11.  Energy Conservation Programme.

     e) Women Empowerment Programmes

    a) Programmes of educating people and making them aware of women’s rights,

    both constitutional and legal.

    b) Creating consciousness among women that they too contribute to economic and

    social well being of the community.

    c) Creating awareness among women that there is no occupation or vocation which

    is not open to them.

    d) Imparting training to women in sewing, embroidery, knitting and other skills

    where ever possible.

     f) Social Service Programmes

    1.  Two days in a Paliative Care Centre.
    2.  Work in institutions meant for physically and mentally handicapped.
    3.  Organising blood donation camps and eye-pledge programmes.
    4.  Work in Orphanages, homes for the aged etc.
    5.  Work in welfare organisations of women.
    6.  Prevention of slums through social education and community action.
    7.  Programmes for making villages self sufficient.
    8.  Soap making units, Paper carrybag making unit, tailoring unit

     g) Relief & Rehabilitation work during Natural calamities

    1.  Disaster Management Programme – Assisting the authorities at the time of

    natural disasters and calamity.

     h) Creation of Durable Assets

    Home for the Homeless

    Libraries in adopted places, hospitals, jails etc.

    Construction of sanitary latrines.


    Maharaja Institute of Technology Mysore

    Belawadi Village,
    Naguvanahalli Post
    Srirangapatna Tq,
    Mandya – 571477
    Karanataka India.



    Telefax : 08236-292603

    Name of the Programme Oficcer: Kiran Kumar L

    Contact No: 9480839606

    E-Mail Address: kirankumarl_cse@mitmysore.in 

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