Technical Talks:

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2017-2018

SI  No Topic Resource Person 


Participants Date of conduction Workshop / Special Talk OBJECTIVE
1 Working With Python Pranesh Dixit 6 SEM 05/04/2018 Workshop Giving in sights of project based learning and industry orientation on python.
2 Latest Trends In Technology And Internship Topics K. S. Manjunatha 6 SEM 04/04/2018 Special Talk To high the importance of internship on latest trends in technology
3 Svasetu Awarenees Program Sudheendra G 6 SEM 21/03/2018 Special Talk To brief out what is svasetu & about their app, and to enhance students technical knowledge.
4 Swift Basics And  IOS App Development Karthik, Robert 6 SEM 09/03/2018 Workshop About IOS App development using SWIFT.
5 Recent Challenges In Image Processing Dr. P Shivakumara 7 SEM 22/08/2017 Special Talk Text detection in video, keyword is spotting in video, text tracking, tips to writing and publishing papers.
6 Python Program Fundamentals Radhika .K.R 5 SEM 19/08/2017 Workshop Creating software application using the python programming language.


SI  No Topic Resource Person 


Participants Date of conduction Workshop / Special Talk OBJECTIVE
1 Big data Analytics & IOT Mr. Parag, Anshul & Ashish 4 SEM &


08/04/19 to 12/04/2019 Workshop Make proficient in tools and systems used by big data experts. It includes Hadoop. About IOT and Hands on experience with some mini projects.
2 Oracle ERP Keshavamurthy R 6 SEM 12/04/2019 Special Talk Create awareness on ERP system.
3 Network Security & cryptography Karthik G 6 SEM 28/03/2019 Workshop To make aware of Hacking, Cyber Security Basics, Attacks, jobs and techniques of an Ethical Hacker, Virus, Worms and Trojans, Stenography Technique, Phishing.
4 Morphological Models in image Analysis & Recognition Dr. Leonid Mestetskiy 6  SEM &

CSE Staff

26/03/2019 Special Talk Challenges in computer vision.
5 Higher studies (masters), Student visa permanent Resident Shalini M.S 5 SEM 15/11/2018 Special Talk Skill development, career growth.
6 U P S C Examinations Prof Narasimha Murthy 5 SEM &


11/10/2018 Special Talk How to prepare for IAS, IPS, IFS … exams.
7 Educational videos revolutionized Vinay B 7 SEM 27/09/2018 Special Talk About PIRUBY software.
8 Digital marketing



Madhu Prasad K .N 7 SEM 20/09/2018 Special Talk For better career.
9 Awareness of Competitive Exams and Campus Recruitment Tests Geetha.R Shah 5 SEM 20/09/2018 Special Talk To create time and education necessity awareness for future.
10 Employability skills & industry interaction Shashank Shankar 7 SEM 17/09/2018 Special Talk To import knowledge about technology skills that students must acquire for a successful career and job with industry.
11 Placements: challenges & opportunities Hemanth kumar G 7 SEM 13/08/2018 Special Talk General awareness on placement rounds and preparation.

ACADEMIC YEAR: 2019-2020

SI  No Topic Resource Person 


Participants Date of conduction Workshop / Special Talk OBJECTIVE
1 Entrepreneurship Experience and Learning’s Rakesh P 5 SEM


04/11/2019 Special Talk Hands on experiences as an entrepreneur, co founding start ups.
2 Artificial Intelligence Taqheed Pasha 7 SEM


03/10/2019 Special Talk The idea of how AI is ruling the generation.
3 Computer Network Protocols And Their Applications Gururaj H L 5 SEM


20/09/2019 Workshop
4 Ergonomics Basavaraj C H 3 SEM 19/09/2019 Special Talk Communicate the impact of proper ergonomic design on human performance, productivity, product quality, and process stability to members of leadership and management


5 Google Cloud Services Srinivas R C 7 SEM


07/08/2019 Special Talk Google cloud services for building and hosting android, IOS and web applications.

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