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Research in Maharaja

  • All the faculty are expected to conduct research and publish their findings
  • All the faculty should apply for research fund in support of their research from sponsoring agencies within India or abroad .
  • The requirement to take research in career expectation and will be balanced with other academics obligation
  • The faculty and students are required to carry out their research in compliance with the college obligation and any ethical and contractual obligations.
  • Research Committee is chaired by the Principal is responsible for research strategies and for the development of the policies.
  • Faculty and students may allocate research funding based on their merit of the proposal
  • Each faculty and its constituent academic unit is required to develop and implement its own research plan.
  • Faculty are required to comply with the Institutional intellectual property policy
  • The college establishes the center of excellence to raise the research profile of the Institution which includes all the areas of engineering and management. Encourages the faculty and student to carryout their research in inter disciplinary areas and with the industries.

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